Support the LtV Artisans Enterprise…

Leaping the Void (LtV) is a unique facility for young adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders, specially designed to support their physical and cognitive wellbeing, whilst offering a varied portfolio of both fun and practical opportunities.

Our LtV young adults are able to participate in a range of activities that improve gross and fine motor skills, nurture independent living and communication skills, and increase confidence and self-esteem; Kirstin explains:

"I love to come to the Paces LTV group because it is enjoyable and the staff have a great understanding of my condition and help me to keep as independent as possible. Activities are fun and challenging which include exercising my brain and body. The knowledge I gained on a fashion design course is put to good use in the Paces Artisans craft enterprise when we make accessories from raw materials - the staff are great facilitators for me!"

One of the many fulfilling activities undertaken by the young adults involves the LtV Artisans Enterprise, where a broad range of quality items are produced for sale. To assist the LtV Artisans in their quest to increase their business and customer services skills, we plan to refurbish the LTV facility to incorporate a shop front, thereby enabling passers-by to ‘Stop and Shop.

By pledging your support to our LtV Artisans Enterprise, you will be making a contribution towards our target of £42,700 -this amount will ensure that the young adults are able to fulfil their ambitions, enabling them to benefit from a range of new and rewarding opportunities.