Support Paces Personal Development Centre…

Paces Personal Development Centre offers a range of holistic and integrated programmes to adults with neurological conditions; these are currently for people who have survived a stroke, and for those with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

Qualified Conductors and specially trained Conductor Assistants work with individuals (and family members where applicable) to design personalised programmes that aim to reduce social isolation and loneliness, encourage independence, foster a sense of wellbeing, and improve quality of life.

Programmes are generally delivered via a series of sessions involving maximum six participants.  Our staff provide professional information and advice, whilst participants offer informal support and motivation to one another - many new friendships have evolved from our group sessions.

Our participants are leading an appeal to help sustain this unique service. They are keen to highlight their achievements to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programmes:

“When I first came to the Personal Development Centre, walking was a major challenge due to the after effects of a stroke. Now I’m looking forward to walking my Daughter down the aisle!”

“Since coming to the Personal Development Centre, I can use a knife and fork again, making me more confident in social situations”.

Our Personal Development Centre currently receives no statutory funding, we are therefore dependent on grants and donations to cover the costs of these essential programmes, some of which are delivered on-site at Paces, and others that are delivered at a city centre venue.

By pledging your support to our Personal Development Centre, you will be making a contribution towards our target of £42,301 – this amount will ensure that adults with neurological conditions are able to work towards their personal goals, enabling them to benefit from the kinds of opportunities that many of us simply take for granted.