Support Family Bursaries…

When families first contact Paces, they are often in a state of confusion, or they may be heading towards a significant crisis.  They might be in a tailspin not knowing what options are best suited to their little one, or they may have had to make the difficult decision that a mainstream school placement is no longer the best option for an older child.

For those who go on to choose Paces School as their preferred option, there may be a difficult road ahead.  Accessing the necessary funding is often an arduous process, with families having to contribute to the development of an Education, Health and Care Plan before money can be approved by their Local Authority.

Whilst our Family Support Team guides parents through this stressful and complex statutory process, our school may be receiving no funding to support their child’s placement, even in situations where his/her needs have been clearly identified.

We are therefore trying to secure a Bursary Scheme, especially to provide a safety net for those families whose Local Authority is slow in approving the funding for their child’s placement.  

Bursary funding is rarely available through grant making trusts, so donations play a significant role in enabling us to offer placements to children at a crucial time in their development.

£9,151 pays for a child to attend Paces School for one term in full time education. On average, three children come to us unfunded each academic year, until their Local Authority makes the necessary resources available.

By pledging your support to our Bursary Scheme, you will be making a contribution towards our target of £27,453 – this amount will cover our school’s entire bursary requirement for a full academic year, enabling more children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders to benefit from our unique programmes.