Gabor became Headteacher of Paces School in 2002.  He is a graduate of the world renowned Pető Institute (1976).

He is a qualified Conductor and his qualifications and accreditation is as follows:

Teacher of Biology 1979 - Hungary

Special Needs Qualification 1985 - Hungary Postgraduate Degree in Education 2002 - New Zealand Qualified Teacher Status 2004 - UK Anatomy and Physiology Diploma 2009 - UK.

Gabor has an international reputation and has practised as a conductor in many different settings, serving as Principal at both Residential Schools for children with motor disorders and organisations for young people with learning difficulties.

He is responsible for the day to day management of Paces school, Including overseeing training of newly employed conductors. Gabor is also responsible for the continued professional development of all school staff and the learning programmes provided by the school. 

Gabor maintains close links with staff in other mainstream schools who require advice and guidance when working with children with cerebral palsy.  He is also responsible for all training cooperation with external organisations, including such centres of excellence as the Birmingham National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE).


Appointed as a Paces school Governor in July 2008.