I am a mum of two children (Benjamin - 4 and Thomas - 1) both with genetic chromosome disorders (both have an extra chromosome 1.42.2 and my eldest also has a duplication of chromosome 5). In both boys this is causing neurological impairments including, Macrocephaly, motor delays and learning delays. In addition to this my eldest has Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria Syndrome and Worster Drought Syndrome: and my youngest, Bicuspid Aortic Valve and ascending aorta.

I want to give something back to Paces, and to get involved as a Parent Governor, I believe would do this. As parents of disabled children we want the best for them and I will foster a good relationship between the school, the board and parents. 

My background is as a HR Advisor (over 10 years experience), where I qualified and attained my CIPD in Human Resources Management shortly before I had Benjamin. I continued to work after having Benjamin but have now given this up following Thomas' arrival given the extent of both child's needs. 

Appointed as a Paces school Governor on 14th June 2017.