IMCF Netball Tournament

The Irwin Mitchell Charities Foundation are hosting a Charity Netball Tournament on Sunday 2 July to raise money for Paces - why not put together a team and get involved!Read more

First Aid Training Day for parents and carers

Several families have expressed an interest in first aid training for all children, as well as specialist training for children with cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions. Read more

Paces summer camp

Information for families about local events and childcare to follow.Read more

Free community massage

Free community massage for parents and staff, 1pm to 4:30pm in the large meeting room.Read more

Sleep workshop

Sleep workshop organised my Cerebra. To be held in the Communication room at Paces School 10am to 2pm.Read more

Paces School coffee morning

Coffee morning for parents and carers to be held in the Communication Room at Paces.Read more

A Walk for Paces

More details to follow...Read more