Meet Paces Charity Champions

We couldn’t do what we do at Paces without the Volunteer Team who are our Charity Champions.

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Paces Charity Champions include…

Rebecca Hall

I first became involved with Paces when they were the ‘Charity of the Year’ for our Irwin Mitchell Sheffield Office in 2017. During that year, I was fortunate to become very involved in a number of fundraising events with Paces which included assisting with larger events such as summer carnivals and arranging a festive market at our offices, and smaller initiatives including bake sales, Easter Egg collections, raffles and tombolas.

One particular highlight was attending the grand opening event for Paces inclusive playground and seeing the children enjoy the fun and interactive elements of this for the first time. This, amongst many other things, pays tribute to the fact that Paces school is truly a wonderful organisation, and, having spoken to a number of families who have experienced the benefits of conductive education first hand, I am extremely honoured to be named as a Charity Champion.

My work as a solicitor specialising solely in Clinical Negligence claims means that I regularly interact with many families who have a child who has sadly suffered a brain injury at birth. As such, I understand how difficult it can be to find support, especially education, for disabled children. I look forward to the many exciting things to come with Paces and hope that, as a Charity Champion, I can raise further awareness of the amazing work which they do.

Harry Sykes

My name is Harry Sykes and I am an 18 year old photographer.

Since leaving school I studied photography at Sheffield College where I obtained a Distinction in my final year. I have photographed for Paces since summer 2018, where I was given the opportunity to represent photographically various events, for promotional use such as; a football tournament during the World Cup and the Sheffield 10k Run.

During this time I have got to know some of the brilliant staff that represent Paces and what they themselves, and the school are about. I have enjoyed my time so far volunteering at Paces, and due to their support, I have been able to achieve a place at University in September, to further my photography career.

I would recommend volunteering at Paces Conductive School as it is a friendly place with a wonderful atmosphere and great staff.

Camilla Attwood

When I first met Spencer and the Team at Paces it was so interesting to learn about what Conductive Education can bring to a child’s life and how dedicated the team are at making sure they maximise the potential for all the children at the school.

Working as an Associate in the Clinical Negligence team at Taylor & Emmet in Sheffield and knowing that there are techniques and educational tools that can support both children with cerebral palsy and their families, is of great assistance to me when exploring all avenues of development for a child with a neurological or motor condition as part of my work.

I am very happy to be able to Volunteer to become a Charity Champion for Paces. It is a great way to support such a vital Charity and spread the word about such exciting possibilities for families and young children.

Corinna Lincoln

I first became involved with Paces as part of the Mount Kilimanjaro expedition and to help fundraising for the ‘New Home for Paces’ campaign.

I am a solicitor with local Sheffield solicitors, Taylor and Emmet, as part of a small, specialist clinical negligence team. I am also a Trustee for local Peak District based charity, Challenge Cancer Through Adventure.

It is an honour to be a Charity Champion for Paces. Paces are a local charity and are a great asset to our city. Many people assume that there are a lot of services out there which provide a similar experience & help for young people and their families – but that is not the case. Paces are unique in Sheffield and the more children and families they are able to reach and help, the better. I look forward to helping Paces reach more people, both in Sheffield and beyond. I hope my contribution can help raise awareness of the work they do.