Meet Paces Charity Champions

Our Charity Champions help us to continue the amazing work which we do here at Paces. This is done through fundraising, volunteering and being fantastic ambassadors for our charity.

If you would like to become a Charity Champion, please email our Head of Fundraising, Julie Booth at

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Paces Charity Champions include…

Rebecca Hall

I first became involved with Paces when they were the ‘Charity of the Year’ for our Irwin Mitchell Sheffield Office in 2017. During that year, I was fortunate to become very involved in a number of fundraising events with Paces which included assisting with larger events such as summer carnivals and arranging a festive market at our offices, and smaller initiatives including bake sales, Easter Egg collections, raffles and tombolas.

One particular highlight was attending the grand opening event for Paces inclusive playground and seeing the children enjoy the fun and interactive elements of this for the first time. This, amongst many other things, pays tribute to the fact that Paces school is truly a wonderful organisation, and, having spoken to a number of families who have experienced the benefits of conductive education first hand, I am extremely honoured to be named as a Charity Champion.

My work as a solicitor specialising solely in Clinical Negligence claims means that I regularly interact with many families who have a child who has sadly suffered a brain injury at birth. As such, I understand how difficult it can be to find support, especially education, for disabled children. I look forward to the many exciting things to come with Paces and hope that, as a Charity Champion, I can raise further awareness of the amazing work which they do.

Laura Robinson

I started working with Paces when I became their Easter Bunny and helped to deliver chocolate eggs to the students at the school. I was also lucky enough to help out at the Paces Christmas Party where the students had the chance to meet Santa and receive a present (if they were on his nice list of course).

I am proud to call myself a Charity Champion and to be able to assist such a positive organisation continue help those with neurological conditions reach their full potential.

I will be qualifying as a solicitor in September 2020 in Clinical Negligence and have had a lot of experience dealing with families with children who have suffered from severe birth injuries. I therefore understand some of the difficulties that they face and I am excited to be working with Paces to help to provide support for those families.

Corinna Lincoln

I first became involved with Paces as part of the Mount Kilimanjaro expedition and to help fundraising for the ‘New Home for Paces’ campaign.

I am a solicitor with local Sheffield solicitors, Taylor and Emmet, as part of a small, specialist clinical negligence team. I am also a Trustee for local Peak District based charity, Challenge Cancer Through Adventure.

It is an honour to be a Charity Champion for Paces. Paces are a local charity and are a great asset to our city. Many people assume that there are a lot of services out there which provide a similar experience & help for young people and their families – but that is not the case. Paces are unique in Sheffield and the more children and families they are able to reach and help, the better. I look forward to helping Paces reach more people, both in Sheffield and beyond. I hope my contribution can help raise awareness of the work they do.

Gary Booth

I was only recently, during the COVID crisis, introduced to Paces through a mutual business contact. Having been introduced to both Dave and Julie it quickly became clear that we had a shared drive, determination and vision when it came to fundraising and fortunately through my business and contacts I was in a position to help with that vision and we have many exciting plans for the future.

As a stroke survivor myself I am only too aware of the importance of the work charities do in supporting those in need and am so pleased to be able to help the wonderful team at Paces with their vision and the wonderful work they do.

In the course of my work I deal with many charities and it is a pleasure to work with a team that is clearly passionate, driven, has a clear direction and understanding of what it wants to achieve, makes things happen and is full of excellent individuals that together form the Paces team.

I am also proud to be able to put my stroke experiences and contacts to use in helping Paces establish their post stroke services. A new and exciting addition to the Paces services.

I am humbled and honoured to be recognised by Paces as a Charity Champion after such a short relationship with them. It is, however, a relationship that I can only see going from strength to strength.

Kyan Gohill

I was introduced to Paces by Gary Booth of Chequered Flag Motorsports at the start of 2021. Having spoken to Gary and David at Paces I could instantly feel the connection we had, not just Motorsports but also that ‘wanting to give back feeling’.

2020 has taught me a lot, I am so fortunate to be in the position that I am and sometimes we take it for granted, it doesn’t cost us anything to help and give back. I am so excited to be appointed a Charity Champion and look forward to flying the Paces flag on and off the track and reaching out to all generations to get involved with making a difference.

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