What we do

Here at Paces we believe that every child living with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy has the right to reach their true potential, we are passionate about ability, not disability.

Paces is a specialist centre, school and charity all rolled into one. Based at High Green we were established over 20 years ago by a group of parents whose children were living with Cerebral Palsy and recognised the benefits of Conductive Education. Since then, a growing number of families have seen the advantages in Paces approach and their children are now seeing the great benefits.

Conductive education is a holistic package of support which aims to help adults and children obtain the greatest level of independence through a range of supportive measures.

Here at Paces, we teach vital skills such as walking, talking, sitting, standing and eating. We also teach a special needs curriculum for children from 3 to 18 years old.

We deliver an Adult Sessional Service where we support adults who have suffered strokes, MS and Parkinson’s through conductive education with the focus being on re-learning skills they may have lost due to their illness, these again include walking, talking, sitting, standing and eating.

We are currently supporting 78 families but demand for our services continues to grow.

“For me, as a mother, I know this (Paces) is the right placement and exactly what Amaan needs. He has shown improvement and will continue to have the opportunity to develop all his skills as any other child does.”


“Paces has been a constant support to my family and ourselves. They have provided Eleanor with the input both she and us as parents needed during the difficult period from diagnosis to now. It is our belief that Paces offers Eleanor the best possible opportunity for a future as an independent adult.”

Drs Natalie & Mark

“This is most definitely the place for our son to be. He really enjoys going to school, he is motivated to achieve….. and the staff are fully supportive.”

Ian & Stacey

“From the day our daughter started at Paces, and continuing now, her progression constantly amazes us. She has already far exceeded any expectation that we had about how she would manage and overcome her Cerebral Palsy, and we know that she is capable of so much more.”

Martin & Tina

“Our son has been a pupil at the school for 6 years and we have nothing but praise for the fantastic teaching he receives.”

Andrew & Jill

“We cannot speak highly enough of Paces School. Since the very fist day our daughter, Mia, attended the school we have been amazed at her improvement and progression. It is a huge relief to us that Mia enjoys her time with the team. She is so happy to go to school each morning and thrives on being challenged by the tasks set each day. it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of ALL the staff at Paces.”

Stuart & Emma