Training & Resources

Accredited courses

Paces works together with the National Institute for Conductive Education in Birmingham to deliver Level 3 Conductor Assistant courses.  These courses are delivered part time over a period of 12-18 months and successful completion leads to the award of Conductor Assistant.  Credits can be gained individually for successfully completed units.

When the course is completed our Conductor Assistants will be qualified to assist Conductor’s in delivering Conductive Education programmes.


At Paces we work with different organisations to provide placements both in our school and in our adult group.

  • Our school is currently working with Birmingham University to provide support for student Conductors completing their 3 year degree course.
  • Recently our adult group LtV hosted two medical students from Sheffield University who helped develop our on-line shop as well as spending time with the group and participating in our activities.
  • In March we will be working with Sheffield Hallam University with final year health professional students who will come and help us with a challenge that we will set for them by our management team.



The school has the IT resources to enable it to undertake specialised training that goes with the Conductive Education we do.  We also have a dedicated communications room and are able to put on short, one day and evening workshops where these are appropriate.