Leaping the Void’s Work

LtV Artisans are a group of adults with various ‘abilities’ and love creating designs and making these handcrafted items. Each item is made with loving care and we take time to get it right, so we are thrilled when we have customers who appreciate them too!

Want to know what we do with the proceeds of our sales? It goes towards buying more of the materials we need and enables us to learn more about crafting. Sometimes we are able to attend leisure activities too and help our understanding about society in general so that we can make a positive contribution.

All our felt products are hand made by us using Merino wool. We use several processes to get the finished product, which requires hard work and dedication.

Here is a selection of the latest products from our charity. All items can be made to order in different colours, swags can also be made to order at £1.50 a letter. To request a bespoke hand made item, please get in touch with our LtV Artisans leapingthevoid@hotmail.com. Please use that address to order any of our items too.

Thank you for your support.