Paces Adult Services Response to COVID-19

Following the guidance provided by Public Health England, from 18th March 2020 our adult service-users were asked to stay at home and not to come to either our Leaping the Void day service or weekly adult sessional service. Across these two services we provide support for individuals with an extremely broad range in terms of the degree and extent of their disability.

Our adult conductors continue to work from home to support the ongoing learning and rehabilitation needs of all of our adult participants.

Below is outlined the ways in which we continue to support our Paces Adult Services participants, their partners, carers, and families.

  1. Weekly contact with their conductor via email or telephone: discussions and guidance with regards to how to maintain activity levels, physical wellbeing and continue to work towards their individual aims during lock-down.
  2. Individually tailored home-activity guides containing detailed guidance for carrying out specific recommended movement tasks at home.
  3. Pre-arranged weekly individual video Conductive Education sessions. During which their conductor provides verbal and visual guidance to carry out adapted active movement tasks that would usually be undertaken during their face-to-face sessions.
  4. Group WhatsApp chats for participants and their carers to share news, chat, motivation etc… with other group members and their conductors.
  5. Pre-recorded ‘Active Movement Sessions’ put out via social media to encourage active movement for anyone with a neurological movement disorder (not only for current adult services participants).
  6. Online applications and video-consultations for new enquiries to access Paces adult services.

We remain dedicated to supporting our families through these unprecedented times.  Our staff are committed to both reducing isolation for our participants as well as maintaining and developing their individual skills.

We want to thank participants, family members and carers for all their hard work and dedication in continuing to support their Conductive Education programme from a distance and look forward to welcoming you back into Paces when life returns to normal.