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Our Service for Adults

Paces has been providing exceptional, specialist support for adults with neurological movement disorders for many years. Our highly specialised Conductive Education approach allows us to raise the expectations and achievements of these individuals beyond what they, or others, may have believed was possible.

We passionately believe that learning does not stop when you leave school. Whether an individual has lived with a disability throughout their life, or has an acquired disability, life-long learning is paramount to our entire ethos.

We believe that Conductive Education provides an exceptional philosophy for individuals with movement disorders which can be applied directly in hands-on conductive education teaching but can also be integrated across all aspects of home and work life.

It is our belief that every person with a neurological movement disorder has huge individual potential, and the right to specialised services that allow them to realise that potential. Physical wellbeing, motivation, self-belief, and volition can be achieved whatever the extent of an individual’s disability and these are basic rights that must be nurtured.

If you would like to find out more, or have any questions, please contact Darren Walker by emailing Darren.Walker@PacesSheffield.org.uk