Alex is 22 years old and has had Cerebral Palsy since birth. 

He attended Paces School as a child and now attends our Adult Sessional Programme.

Prior to lockdown, Alex was having individual sessions at Paces Campus as he was unable to attend the group sessions due to clashes with his college timetable.

At the start of the first lockdown in March, his Conductor (Specialist Teacher) contacted him and arranged to continue his individual sessions online via Zoom.

Alex enjoyed the continuation of the sessions and benefited from having an active programme in his weekly schedule whilst everyone had to stay at home.

In September, as the closure of Adult Sessional Services continued, Alex was able to join our Adult Cerebral Palsy Group online which was now much easier to fit around his college schedule.

Alex has thrived in the group and in particular enjoys the good-natured banter and competition created between the group members when trying to perform different activities.

Alex had this to say about his sessions: 

“I have been attending Paces Adult Group for three years for face to face sessions, and more recently I have taken part in the online classes. The sessions are both enjoyable and challenging and enable me to maintain my ability to walk with walking sticks rather than relying on my wheelchair. The Conductor is aware of all of the group’s weaknesses and strengths and encourages us all try to do the best we can with the abilities we have.”