Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional services across adulthood to fully support individuals with neurological movement disorders to live active, enabled, meaningful and productive lives. We aim to fill the immense gap in adult services for individuals living with physical disabilities across adulthood through our range of educational, therapeutic, online, vocational and overnight provisions.

Our Ethos

We provide all of our services, now and in the future, based on a Conductive Education ethos. This will ensure all of the individuals that join our services have their needs met holistically. 

We do this in the belief that Conductive Education helps anyone with a neurological movement disorder to use their body optimally. By engaging in Conductive Education individuals will achieve and maintain improved levels of physical activity. This is particularly important in adulthood as the impact of ageing and long-term disabilities can be reduced or slowed. Higher physical activity in turn also improves motivation and self-image and enables more effective access to wider learning of all sorts of skills.  Thus, improving both the physical and psychological wellbeing of everyone accessing our services.

Formalised Conductive Education programmes are provided within our day, sessional and online services. However, the CE ethos is held to a high degree across the whole of adult services. This creates an environment which continually holds the expectation of increased involvement of physical skills (assisted by expert facilitation from our staff) which then enables all who access Conductive Living services to develop independence and skills in line with their own personal goals and interests.

Paramount to these services is our aim to support each individual in achieving volition and psychological wellbeing.