Early Years curriculum

The School offers a service designed to meet the needs of children three to five years of age and their families by delivering a conductive programme with the flexibility to suit most families needs. The services can link in with either a mainstream or other specialist provision or can be dedicated, stand alone services for that child.We also offer a transitional service that helps to prepare both the child and the receiving school. The Early Intervention Programme aims to help children to develop their movement skills, seech and communication skills, cognitive functions, intellectual skills, self care, emotional and social skills. The confidence and self-esteem the child gains as a result of this increased control will also have a positive effect on his/her ability to be included within a peer group.

 Contact us on

0114 2845 298 or e-mail us. office@paces-school.org.uk

 We will post an application form and an initial assessment will then be carried out by one of our staff team who is a fully trained and qualified Conductor-Teacher. Following the assessment the Conductor will discuss the options with the family, information would then be given on the specific ways Conductive Education can help your child and a place can be offered into a group, according to age and ability of the child.

You can download Paces brochure here…