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The School currently offers the following services for children aged 5-11 years.

Full-time daily provision for children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders of neurological origin of early primary school age. We also offer a transitional service which helps prepare both the child and the receiving school. We offer sessional services to provide on-going contact and input for children who have left, and their families, for as long as is required.

Our curriculum, due to the nature of cerebral palsy, is usually broader and more holistic than a traditional curriculum in mainstream settings.

Within a Conductive Education framework, conductors design and implement a curriculum which covers all of the needs of the children with cerebral palsy and additional motor disorders. This curriculum also teaches those skills as well which typically developing children would usually develop spontaneously. Academic programmes are delivered through the National Curriculum. These have been integrated with the requirements of Conductive Education to provide access to a broader and balanced curriculum.

Overall aims may include:

•  developing children’s range and co-ordination of movement

•  developing children’s abilities in self-help skills

•  developing the children’s social and daily living skills

•  developing children’s expressive and receptive language

•  opportunities to study a broad and balanced curriculum

•  working with parents to develop children’s learning at home

•  liaising with other professionals as appropriate

Contact us on

0114 2845 298 or e-mail us.

 We will post an application form and an initial assessment will then be carried out by one of our staff team who is a fully trained and qualified Conductor-Teacher.

Following the assessment the Conductor will discuss the options with the family, information would then be given on the specific ways Conductive Education can help your child and a place can be offered into a group, according to age and ability of the child.

For detailed information please read our Parent Handbook.

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