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Secondary Curriculum Overview   Secondary

The aim of the secondary school programme is to provide a conductive education curriculum which serves all of the needs of the children with cerebral palsy. The programme also considers the significant emotional and physical changes that the young adolescents are going through at this period in their life. The Conductive Education curriculum, due to the nature of cerebral palsy, is usually broader and more holistic than a traditional curriculum in mainstream settings.

Academic programmes are delivered through the National Curriculum which can be modified if it is necessary based on the needs of the young adolescents. These have been integrated with the requirements of Conductive Education to provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our school participates in the South Yorkshire E-Learning Project therefore all of the children have opportunities to use a well developed virtual learning environment. Also their communication and language skills can be improved using the latest information technology.

Within the Conductive Education framework the conductors design and implement the curriculum which covers all of the needs of the children enrolled to the programme.The special aspect of this curriculum is that it also teaches those skills which typically developing children would usually develop spontaneously due to an intact central nervous system. During adolescence a child’s body undergoes significant changes both physically and emotionally.

This can lead to the child feeling de- skilled as the problems in everyday life begin to increase. Conductors are working with the children in order for them to learn how to respond to these new challenges. As a result of this planning process their movement skills, speech and communication skills, cognitive functions, intellectual skills, self-care and social skills will improve within one unified programme.

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We will post an application form and an initial assessment will then be carried out by one of our staff team who is a fully trained and qualified Conductor-Teacher. Following the assessment the Conductor will discuss the options with the family, information would then be given on the specific ways Conductive Education can help your child and a place can be offered into a group, according to age and ability of the child.

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