Family life with cerebral palsy

Coming to terms with the fact your child will have additional needs varies from family to family and many families can be in a state of denial for sometime.  Getting your child the right services, provision and support as soon as possible, however, is important towards achieving a positive outcome.  You don’t need a diagnosis you only need to know that there is a development delay affecting their development socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and their communication.

It will be an added strain on your family If your child has needs in all of the areas of their development.  There are so many appointments to manage and so much information to absorb, the role of parenting seems insurmountable.  If this is the case take time to get some important things in place:

  • Check out your Local Authority’s ‘Local Offer’ it has all services for children with special educational needs including the very early years up to 25yrs of age.
  • Consider how respite care can work for you either in your home or elsewhere.
  • Take time to spend as a family and as a couple
  • Get organised – use technology/apps to compile the data and reports you receive. A scanner is a must!
  • Find a befriending scheme to be matched with someone that has experience of parenting and make use of their knowledge
  • Contact citizens advice service or advocates to find out about the additional benefits to alleviate any financial burden.
  • Look for grant bodies that can help you buy some of the things you wouldn’t get through the statutory services.