Paces welcomes government funding lifeline

We’re welcoming the government’s support package for the charity and voluntary sector which was unveiled last night (Wednesday 8 April).

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £750 million pot for frontline charities to help them during the coronavirus crisis. Full details are yet to be announced, but the fund is expected to support organisations like Paces who support vulnerable children and adults.

Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE, Chief Executive, said:

“We at Paces are doing our absolute best to support our children, adults and families during this national emergency. In these uncertain times, the fear for families living with a vulnerable child or adult can be absolutely overpowering.

“The help from the Chancellor and the Government is hugely welcome and will allow us to continue supporting our families both now – remotely via Skype, social media and on the telephone – and in the future when we can re-open our school and adult services.

“Charities are always innovating – they need to in order to survive, and we have done that since this crisis began. But there’s no escaping the fact that these are difficult times – funding has disappeared yet the need for our services is greater than ever. I hope this announcement allows us to continue delivering them, and I hope the money is delivered to us so we can do that as soon as possible.”

Paces has launched a COVID-19 appeal to support their work in these uncertain times. You can find more details about how you can donate at