Another inspirational young person raises money for Paces

Another inspirational pupil from Paces, the South Yorkshire special school for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and motor disorders, has handed over a cheque for £2,716 after creating and selling wooden works of art from his home during the coronavirus lockdown.

18-year old Jack Mitchell has Cerebral Palsy which affects both his arms and legs, and to communicate he uses an Eye Gaze. Despite these challenges, he wanted to help with Paces’ fundraising to build a new school and specialist centre.

He has been busy over the past few months in his special shed at home making wooden clocks, cactus pots, candle holders and much more. He sells them and delivers the products, socially-distanced, to his customers every weekend.

Jack follows his fellow pupils, nine-year-old ‘Captain’ Tobias and eight-year old Lennie, in fundraising for Paces School since the start of the pandemic.

Ruth Liu, Headteacher of Paces School, said:

“Everyone at Paces is so proud of Jack and everything he has achieved. The money he has raised from his beautiful creations will make a huge difference to our efforts to help even more children, adults and young people like him in the future. Thank you to him for his incredible efforts and his family for their continued support.”