Kellen is a happy five year old boy with the most beautiful smile! He was born at just 23 weeks and for the first seven and a half months of his life, Kellen was in hospital on a ventilator and the doctors didn’t know if he would survive.

Kellen’s parents noticed that his development was significantly delayed as he couldn’t roll over or sit up like most other children and at 18 months old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Kellen’s mum, Ganelle had heard about the Conductive Education programme at Paces and got in touch straight away. Ganelle said:

“We wanted the right team of people to see the potential in Kellen and Paces were that team! When we first went to meet them, Kellen met his conductor, Edit, and they just clicked straight away. She instantly saw how determined he was and tailored each session to meet his needs. She was able to get him to do things which we struggled with and gave us tips with how to support him at home. 

After attending Paces Outreach, Kellen now attends Paces Nursery and he has become more independent with the skills he learns used in everyday life. 

He is a very determined little boy and he has now started to communicate using words and gestures. Kellen absolutely loves coming to Paces and when we pull into the car park he gets so excited. 

He has a new-found freedom and is now able to explore his environment which is just fantastic! 

Paces has been a lifeline to our family and we can’t thank them enough for the support which they have given to Kellen.”