Owen is a cheerful, bubbly eight year old with a wicked sense of humour! 

He is like any other young boy who loves football (particularly Sheffield Wednesday), playing on his Xbox and playing board games with his older sister Bethany.

Owen has Cerebral Palsy and has been coming to Paces for just over two years. Before he started here at Paces, he attended our Outreach sessions for around 11 months.

Owen’s mum Gillian said:

“Before Owen came to Paces Outreach, he was very limited with his movements. He couldn’t sit up or get around and struggled to move himself in his wheelchair. Within weeks of taking part in the Conductive Education sessions he could eventually stand up! He could  also get himself off the settee and pull himself into the kitchen which is just fantastic. 

Shortly after starting in the Reception class at Paces, Owen was also using the toilet successfully . It’s made such a huge difference to the lives of our families now that Owen can move around independently. We see him getting stronger and stronger each day which makes us so proud. We can’t thank Paces enough!” 

Owen’s strength and determination continues to grow and he’s looking forward to starting Power Chair Football very soon.

We asked Owen what his favourite things were at Paces..….he said Table Top Cricket and Dinnertime!