Our offer

“The school provides Conductive Education for those with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions, giving them a positive learning environment to be active in learning how to live and achieve.”

The programme is designed for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy or similar conditions ie. physical and learning difficulties due to a neurological cause.  It is known as Conductive Education.

The aim of a Conductive Education programme is to help the learner with physical and associated learning difficulties, learn to develop their physical  (motor) and learning skills with a focus on self-care to become independent.

Communication to overcome sensory and speech difficulties is also a focus of the programme.  It follows the national curriculum framework to support the aim of the learner to achieve success in transitioning to a mainstream school or to move on to further education at 18+.

The 18+ programme at Paces focuses on exploring opportunities to lead a meaningful life.  This is through enterprise activities e.g craft projects and can be designed to suit the special interest of adult learners.

An important aspect of the programme too is to improve and avoid the deterioration of, physical and learning skills to promote the learner’s independence and self-care.  What it means to move out of the family home and share with others to live independently is also part of the adult curriculum.  This takes account of the awareness learners will have already achieved in the Secondary School when preparing for transition at 18+.