Leading Sheffield firm signs up to sponsor the first room at Paces’ new home

Professional Energy Purchasing will support the Adult Life Skills Room at the £3.6m building

The plans for our new home are receiving another boost as a leading Sheffield firm signs up as the first sponsor of a room in the £3.6 million building.

Sheffield-based business Professional Energy Purchasing will become a charity partner supporting the new Adult Life Skills Room which will be a key part of the new facility, under development just off the Sheffield Parkway. It is hoped the centre, which will be a national hub for conductive education, will open in 2022.

Paces has worked with individuals living with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, strokes, MS, Parkinson’s, and brain injuries since 1997. They teach children life-changing skills using conductive education – such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking, communication and self-care – in an environment they can have fun, develop friendships, and feel like they belong.

This support is close to the heart of the managing director of the award-winning independent energy consultancy. Linda Spencer’s son has learning difficulties so understands the importance of facilities like these:

“We are delighted to sponsor the Adult Life Skills room which will provide individually designed support for adults to help them learn daily living skills such as food planning and cooking. 

“Paces is personally important to me as I have a 45-year old son with learning difficulties who can live independently because of organisations like it. 

“Our team are looking forward to getting involved with other fundraising activities to help our new charity partner achieve their target to build their school and centre”.

Paces supports adults who have been affected by strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and brain injuries with their conductive living programme reteaching skills lost due to their condition.

The plans for the new home include providing additional support for more adults from across Yorkshire and beyond.

Julie Booth, Head of Fundraising at Paces, said:

“We are incredibly grateful and extremely excited to welcome Professional Energy Purchasing as a charity partner. 

“Linda and the team know how important the support we offer is and the difference it makes to the lives of the families who use our services. They are an incredibly generous team and we are all looking forward to working with them as we move forward towards our new home”.

If you would like to support Paces on their journey or if you would like information on how to sponsor a room, please email julie.booth@pacessheffield.org.uk.

You can find out more about Professional Energy Purchasing on their website here >>