Welcome to our shop!

We (LtV Artisans) are a group of adults with various ‘abilities’ and love creating designs and making these handcrafted items. Each item is made with loving care and we take time to get it right., so we are thrilled when we have customers who appreciate them too!

Want to know what we do with the proceeds of our sales? It goes towards buying more of the materials we need and enables us to learn more about crafting. Sometimes we are able to attend leisure activities too and help our understanding about society in general so that we can make a positive contribution.

All our felt products are hand made by us using Merino wool. We use several processes to get the finished product, which requires hard work and dedication.

Here we have all the latest products from our charity. All items can be made to order in different colours, swags can also be made to order at £1.50 a letter. To request a bespoke hand made item, please get in touch with our LtV Artisans [email protected]. When purchasing, please consider a donation to make your impact even greater.

Aqua Blue Scarf


Deep blue scarf with wisps of lighter blue for detail. Read more

Black and Grey Bucket Bag


Bucket bags have handles cut into the bag and stand up when placed on a table. This bucket bag is black/dark grey with lighter grey and white embellishments. Read more

Cream, Burgundy and Brown Scarf


A thick felt scarf with white base tone, and burgundy and brown flickers of colour. Tassels at both ends and texture from added pieces of felt. Read more

Large Flower Broach


Autumnal broach, can also be used as a bag accessory. Read more

Large Grey Felt Hat with Purple Flower


Grey felt bowler hat, with purple flower. Size large Read more

Large Orange and Cream Shoulder Bag


Two shades of cream make up the body of the bag with a dark orange stripe across the top. Flowers detailing the front of the bag while the top, inside and strap of the bag are brighter orange. The back is the same as the front minus the flowers. Read more

Large Purple Shoulder Bag


This large mauve shoulder bag has darker purple detail on the front while being plain on the back. The straps are the same shade of dark purple as the detail on the front. Read more

Lime Green Clutch Bag


A small lime-green felt clutch bag with gold embellishment and flowers lining the front. Read more

'Lucy' Swag


Personalised name swag. Can be made to order and available in an assortment of colours, £1.50 per triangle/heart plus cost of ribbon. Read more

Maroon Scarf


A maroon felt scarf with flickers of white, modelled here by Kirsten who had a hand in making it. Read more

Medium Candle Jar


Medium candle jar with hessian band and decorative heart, with red rope around the neck of the jar. Designs may vary slightly. Read more

Orange and Yellow Felt Scarf


Beautifully blended orange and yellow felt scarf, with strokes of red throughout. Lovely and thick for added warmth. Read more

Pink and Purple Scarf


Thin, cobweb-style scarf with shades of pink and purple throughout. Tassels at both ends. Read more

Pink Bangle


Fuschia coloured bangle with added shades of baby pink, modelled by Kirstin. Read more

Red, Yellow and White Marble Bowl


Red, yellow and white marble effect bowl with little red decorative beads. Ideal for storing make-up brushes, pens and other items. Read more

Small Blue Shoulder Bag


Small blue shoulder bag with blue/green flower accessory with sparkle detail. Read more

Small Decorative Jar


Small glass jar wrapped with hessian, pink and gold ribbon and with decorative buttons. Read more

Small White Buttoned Flower Broach


Read more