Fundraising for Paces on our website

Fundraising For Places

Fundraising for Paces on our website

You can now support your fundraising efforts for Paces directly through our website – showcasing your event or efforts and allowing your friends and family to donate right here.

To set up a page just go to and fill in your details.

To help you, we’ve created some of our top tips – but we’re always happy to help with more ideas and suggestions, just contact our Funding Co-ordinator Natalie Yarrow on

Our top tips for your fundraising page…

  • Title & Summary – keep it short and sweet, tell us what you’re doing, why and when and get to the heart of why it matters.
  • Post Content­ – adding more details here can increase the value of donations by a third – so tell everyone a bit more about why you’re raising money for Paces and why people should support you.
  • How much are your hoping to raise? – setting a target gives a goal for you to focus on, don’t aim too high – go for the minimum and hopefully you can smash through the target.
  • Image – let a picture do the talking, just grab your smartphone or camera, take a photo (it can be of you or something relating to your event or activity) and upload it – it will really help to encourage people to donate.