21 years ago, our story began – a small group of parents who recognised the benefits of Conductive Education for their children with Cerebral Palsy came together to form Paces.

Today, a growing number of families are taking advantage of Paces’ unique way of working, enabling their children to reap great benefits from our integrated approach which focuses on personal goals and aspirations.

We also support adults who are leaping the void from childhood to adulthood, allowing them to be the independent individuals they deserve to be, and those who are living with the impact of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons or a stroke.

Now, 21 years on we need to plan for the future – to write our next chapter. A chapter that builds on the past with a collective vision for a shared and exciting future, supporting more children, supporting more adults and supporting more families.

We want our vision to be your vision. So we need your help. Come with us on the journey, let’s write the next chapter together and who knows where the story will end.