We are launching a petition to call for urgent action to address what we believe is a missing part of the Coronavirus checking system and telling government that it’s time to test.

Paces provides Adult Day Care for individuals with brain injuries and motor disorders but we think the lack of testing available for Adult Day Support Workers providing the service is ‘unacceptable’.

Currently, no regular Covid-19 testing is available for them which impacts tens of thousands of vulnerable people who rely on the care they provide to allow them to live their lives to the full and achieve their potential.

The petition calls for regular, weekly testing of Adult Day Support Workers to ensure the lifeline the vital services provide can continue safely. It can be signed at www.timetotest.co.uk and says:

‘Individuals with dementia, learning difficulties and mental health conditions rely on the care provided by Adult Day Support Workers, as do their families.

‘But those Adult Day Support Workers are currently unable to access regular testing for coronavirus, putting them, the adults they care for and the families of both at risk.

‘This is both unfair and hard to understand when the country’s testing capacity has been dramatically expanded in recent months with lateral flow tests being rolled out to communities, schools and care homes.’

Our Chief Executive Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE said:

“Individuals who need adult day care to live their lives, and the support workers who provide that care, are one of the forgotten groups of this pandemic.

“It cannot be emphasised enough how important adult day care is – to provide respite for the family and friends of those caring for these individuals and for the individuals themselves who are nurtured and develop in an environment that helps them achieve their potential.

“None of that support can happen without Adult Day Support Workers and it is unacceptable that we are still unable to access regular testing for them – unacceptable for the support workers who want to keep themselves and their families safe, and unacceptable for those being supported who are being unwittingly and needlessly put at risk.

“I know the Health and Social Care Secretary is incredibly busy, but I ask that he urgently addresses this missing part of the testing system, to ensure the lifeline these vital services provided by Adult Day Support Workers, can continue safely. This petition is designed to show the strength of that support.”

The online petition can be found at www.timetotest.co.uk